Brain Based Services Available

Counseling and Life Coaching Services

  • Specializing in Women’s issues, worries, confidence, self esteem concerns, sadness, grief, trauma, situational stress and relationships
  • Children’s Therapy including Social Skill Building
  • Dream Analysis with Authored Workbook
  • Lucid Dream Facilitation (PTSD)
  • Personalized Exercise Programs
  • Workshops, Parenting Consultations

Available are the screening tools from Dr. Amen who has identified 7 different Anxiety and Depressions and 6 different types of ADD/ADHD.

The 7 different types of Anxiety and Depression:

  • Pure Anxiety
  • Pure Depression
  • Mixed Anxiety and Depression
  • Over focused Anxiety and Depression
  • Temporal Lobe Anxiety and Depression
  • Cyclic Anxiety and Depression
  • Lights are low Anxiety and Depression

The 6 different types of ADD/ADHD:

  • Classic ADD
  • Over focused ADD
  • Temporal Lobe ADD
  • Limbic ADD
  • Ring of Fire ADD

Diagnostic Brain Evaluations (Includes evaluations only, the session is separate)

Please check any of the services you would like to be included as part of your personalized counseling package. These services are in addition to the therapy/counseling process and therefore require payment at time of service.

□ ABSC ADD Screening $40.00

□ ABSC Depression/Anxiety Screening $40.00

□ ABSC Brain System Screening $40.00

Other Analysis

□ Dream Analysis/Nightmare Resolution session with workbook $45.00

□ Health/Fitness/Weight Loss Program and Goal Setting $45.00

Out of Office Services

□ IEP/school/educational meetings with travel time included
$95.00/60 minute

□ Phobia’s (panic attacks, fear of; cars, planes, elevators, bridges, dogs’, open spaces, ect.) desensitizing $180.00/60 minute with travel time included. Sessions start in office and progress towards out of office desensitizing within the environment or stimulus.

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