Intentional Dreaming Workbook

By following a few steps and learning the seemingly bizarre, symbolic language of dreams, you can unleash your inner guru, integrate what’s in your heart and your head and recognize and resolve conflicts in your life, many researchers believe.

Gabriele Smith, a licensed professional therapist who specializes in helping clients interpret dreams, said our nightly journeys into the universe of dreams are a window into the deep subconscious, where our genuine emotions and perceptions dwell.

Great workbook to figure out what dreams mean.  An important tool to improving the quality of your life.

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Dream Analysis and Life Coaching

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Table of Contents

A. A Brief History of Dreams

B. Introduction

     Exercise 1 -Habits to Change

     Exercise 2 -How to Find What Emotionally “Tags” You.

     Exercise 3 -Life Goals

     Exercise 4 -Core Values

     Exercise 5 -Image Decoder

C. Dream Incubation

     Exercise 6-Formulate the Question

D. Dream Retrieval

E. Dream Journaling and Analysis

F. Nightmares

     Exercise 7 -Recurring Nightmare

Appendix-Sample Dream

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