Control Your Thoughts: Control Your Life

Control Your Thought Patterns“My husband doesn’t want to hear about what I’m thinking,” said Nancy,my new client. “He believes he’s more rational than I am. His thinking isn’t based on emotion.”
Nancy, like many of us, was operating under the assumption that
thinking is a rational, logical process. However, all thinking is
based on emotions. The emotional state is determined by your brain
chemistry. You can influence your brain chemistry through a variety
of means:

• Medication/Chemical Use (including caffeine and alcohol)
• Physical Exercise
• Biofeedback
• Nutrition/Food
• Achieved insight
• Breathing (Visit EZ Air Plus and get a free download to help you
adjust your breathing to deep belly breathing – the deep breathing
that produces a calming and relaxing affect.”

All of these are doors one can enter to change the way you feel. I
will work with you through any of these available means – whichever
door is open. I can also help you change the way you feel about your
life. With traditional talk therapy, we can examine your story, or

Daniel Siegel writes in The Developing Mind, “Narrative can be seen as a fundamental process that reveals itself in various ways. It creates sharable stories (often called narratives), determines patterns of behavior (called narrative enactments or performance), and may influence our internal lives (in form of dreams, imagery sensations, and states of mind).”

As you see we all have narratives. Wouldn’t you rather be intentional
with yours? Wouldn’t you rather direct the outcome? As your guide, we
will examine your narratives and how they are impacting you. We will
allow you to change, if you like.

Just because you think it doesn’t mean it’s true. Call for your appointment today to find out more about you.

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