Customized Nutrition Services

Do you know what foods are really healthy? Need good tasting meals suited to your health goals or performance?   At In Touch Counseling Services, our certified nutritionist will work with you to to develop healthy eating habits and ultimately achieve your nutrition goals.

Initial Assessment

Need an expert’s opinion on lifestyle and health? During an initial assessment you’ll have a supportive time to share your concerns and get professional guidance on how best to improve your health through solutions that are sustainable in your life.

You’ll be asked about what areas of your health you would like to change, as well as why those changes are important to you. Then, you’ll form a plan that addresses those specific areas.

Consultations are non-judgemental, patient centered, support long-term lifestyle changes rather than dieting and focus on specific foods as medicinal approaches to good health.

Follow-up Nutrition Counseling

Follow-up appointments offer additional support, plan modification, and a discussion on goal progression.

Nutrition Education

Your customized program will take into account:

  • Food Preferences

  • Personal ​Health Goals

  • Health History

  • Budget

  • Favorite Local Eateries

  • Cooking Skills

Programs will also include recommendations for certain dietary supplements if necessary, as well as customized recipes.

Pantry Makeover

$100 per hour

Preparing and enjoying healthful, delicious meals must start with high-quality, wholesome ingredients. A pantry overhaul will assist you in creating a healthy home food environment.

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery store tours are helpful as a follow-up to a pantry makeover to find acceptable alternatives to some foods that may have been tossed out. We will guide you through the aisles of the grocery store to help make sense of confusing marketing messages. Grocery store tours can also stand alone as a starting point for what to look for when you are shopping for food–how to read labels, shop in season or navigate the bulk foods section.