Customized Nutrition Programs

Do you know what foods are really healthy? Need good tasting meals suited to your health goals or performance? These services provides a Dietitian-approved plan structured around the many factors that affect your diet.

Initial Assessment

Need an expert’s opinion on lifestyle and health? During an initial assessment you’ll have a supportive time to share your concerns and get professional guidance on how best to improve your health through solutions that are sustainable in your life.

You’ll be asked about what areas of your health you would like to change, as well as why those changes are important to you. Then, you’ll form a plan that addresses those specific areas.

Consultations are non-judgemental, patient centered, support long-term lifestyle changes rather than dieting and focus on specific foods as medicinal approaches to good health.

Follow-up Nutrition Counseling

Follow-up appointments offer additional support, plan modification, and a discussion on goal progression.

Meal Planning

Your customized program will take into account:

  • Food Preferences

  • Personal ​Health Goals

  • Health History

  • Budget

  • Favorite Local Eateries

  • Cooking Skills

Programs will also include recommendations for certain dietary supplements if necessary, as well as customized recipes.

Food Journal Analysis

Want to get a nutritional check up or just a little direction in the foods you’re choosing? This analysis can provide a quick way for you to get the most helpful suggestions to live a healthier life.

For those wanting accountability and lasting guidance, ongoing Food Journal Analysis can ensure continued growth in health and performance for athletes or serious weekend warriors.

All reviews provide personalized feedback geared towards your personal circumstances, to go way beyond general recommendations.

Each Food Journal Analysis purchase includes:

  • ​​Customized suggestions based on personal goals (weight loss, building muscle, better performance at work, etc.).

  • ​Counseling for the best personalized changes you would be willing to make.

  • Step by step guide to improve health through different solutions.