Anthony (Tony) Daltoso
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Anthony (Tony) Daltoso, LMHCI’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I work with people every day on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, addiction, social skills, self esteem, past trauma and personal identity issues. I look at my clients as competent individuals who merely need to overcome the same obstacles all human beings are prone to at one time or another.  I incorporate elements of CBT, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal and Narrative Therapy approaches into my counseling. But most of the time my counseling will appear to be a simple conversation about my client’s life.

Often Individuals seek counseling when overwhelmed by powerful emotion.The key to conquering this overwhelming emotion  is to recognize it as the information that it is, a valid warning or caution sign advising you how to prepare and respond to a challenge. I help my clients to interpret this suggestion, then help them prepare to tackle the challenge and support them in taking action to do so.