Katie Dwaileebe
Certified Nutritionist

I believe food should be our medicine. Considering we eat several times a day every day, food can lead to chronic illness or it can heal and fuel us. In addition to that, if you have digestive ailments, underlying hormonal imbalances, or 

chronic stress, your body may not reap the benefits of a nutritious diet, causing you to feel icky and tired when you should feel healthy and energized.

 I work with those struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as acne, insomnia, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, poor blood sugar control, weight gain, chronic stress, and/or digestive upset. Together, we will design a plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals to improve your vitality, digestion, sleep, and more—all while using healing foods, herbal teas, and gentle lifestyle shifts. I am here to support and guide you on your health journey.

 Check out my health and wellness blog here.

 My Training and Certifications:

      Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine

      Bachelor of Psychology from Santa Clara University

      Certified Nutritionist in Washington State



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