Brain Based Services Available

Counseling and Life Coaching Services

  • Specializing in Women’s issues, worries, confidence, self esteem concerns, sadness, grief, trauma, situational stress and relationships
  • Children’s Therapy including Social Skill Building
  • Dream Analysis with Authored Workbook
  • Lucid Dream Facilitation (PTSD)
  • Personalized Exercise Programs
  • Workshops, Parenting Consultations

Available are the screening tools from Dr. Amen who has identified 7 different Anxiety and Depressions and 6 different types of ADD/ADHD.

The 7 different types of Anxiety and Depression:

  • Pure Anxiety
  • Pure Depression
  • Mixed Anxiety and Depression
  • Over focused Anxiety and Depression
  • Temporal Lobe Anxiety and Depression
  • Cyclic Anxiety and Depression
  • Lights are low Anxiety and Depression

The 6 different types of ADD/ADHD:

  • Classic ADD
  • Over focused ADD
  • Temporal Lobe ADD
  • Limbic ADD
  • Ring of Fire ADD

Counseling Vancouver, WA