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Child Psychology

In Touch Counseling Services

Psychological Counseling & Wellness Center located in Vancouver, WA

Childhood is a pivotal time. The experiences during childhood have the potential to positively shape a child’s life, but they can also set the child on a path of harmful self-talk, self-doubt, social withdrawal, and other challenges. That’s why Janelle Adams, MA, LMFT, ATR, and the team at In Touch Counseling Services offer child therapy. With this dedicated care for kids, they help them process trauma, learn key skills, and grow into healthy adults. For more information about child therapy, call the office in Vancouver, Washington, or make an appointment online today.

Child Psychology

What is child therapy?

The team at In Touch Counseling  Services focuses child therapy on giving each child what they need to thrive. While child therapy can be helpful for the parents because their child’s therapist can share specific insights and tools with them, the goal for child therapy is to support the child. 

The team tailors the therapy to your child and their individual preferences. Their sessions might include:

With these tools, the In Touch Counseling Services therapist gives your child a way to express what they feel even when they may not have the vocabulary to articulate it. The safe, supportive space created during child therapy invites your child to release negative emotions and experiences they may have internalized. 

Their therapist acts as both friend and guide, helping them better understand themselves and what they’re feeling.

What are the benefits of child therapy?

The team at In Touch Counseling Services offers child therapy to help children move past negative self-talk into emotionally intelligent, self-knowing, balanced lives. With therapy, children often experience increased:

  • Social skills and confidence
  • Focus and performance in school
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-monitoring and self-management
  • Mood balance
  • Awareness of their strengths and tools at their disposal

At the same time, child therapy helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, and more. Parents who have been seeking a way to help their child find it with child therapy. 

Will I be present for my child’s therapy sessions?

It depends on what’s right for your child. Generally, the In Touch Counseling Services therapist invites parents into the first session. This helps the child feel safe and gives the parents an opportunity to share their insights with the therapist. 

After that, it may be beneficial for you to wait outside the room during your child’s therapy sessions, depending on your child’s personal preferences and the therapist’s recommendations. In some cases, the freedom to share without fearing that they will disappoint you can be transformative for your child. 

At every turn, your family’s therapist checks in with you and your child to ensure everyone feels comfortable and heard. 

To get started with child therapy, call In Touch Counseling Services or make your appointment online today. 

Why choose In Touch Counseling Services?

Janelle Adams, and the team at in Touch Counseling Services help to develop a unique treatment plan that addresses all aspects of a child's life to not only treat the symptoms but allow them to express themselves and thrive.