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Food Sensitivity Testing

In Touch Counseling™ & Wellness

Psychological Counseling & Wellness Center located in Vancouver, WA

Janelle Adams,MA, LMFT, ATR and the team at In Touch Counseling & Wellness, want to get to the root of what’s causing your physical and mental health issues, not just dull the symptoms. Many symptoms can be traced back to inflammation. Most inflammation is either caused by or made worse by food sensitivities. Find out how ordering a food sensitivity test and scheduling a one on one review of the results with a provider can provide the data needed to find the root cause of physical and mental health symptoms, request your appointment online today



Food Sensitivity Explained


Food sensitivity testing offers a simple and non-invasive approach to pinpointing the specific foods that may be triggering adverse reactions in the body. While there are various methods available for food sensitivity testing, including blood draw, skin prick tests and elimination diets, we partner with Yorktest who employs a specific test that uses a simple finger poke to draw blood.  This test measures the presence of IgG antibodies in the bloodstream. These antibodies indicate a reaction to a particular food, which in turn triggers an inflammatory response in the immune system, leading to physical and/or emotional symptoms.

It is important to note that food sensitivities differ from food allergies and can often be challenging to distinguish between the two. Allergic reactions manifest immediately, whereas sensitivities may exhibit delayed symptoms, taking a few days for individuals to experience any adverse effects.

What are the benefits of food sensitivity testing?

Food sensitivity tests are frequently employed to uncover underlying causes of everyday problems like: autoimmune disease, anxiety, migraine, aching joints, gastrointestinal disorders, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema, hyperactivity/ADHD, asthma and even obesity can have their origins in food sensitivities.  

Food Sensitivity testing


  By utilizing the results of a food sensitivity test, individuals can collaborate directly with our functional nutrition provider to develop a personalized elimination diet. This approach aids in identifying problematic foods and ultimately leads to a healthier diet tailored to meet your specific digestive needs, thereby enhancing your overall health and well-being.                                                                             

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What should you expect?

Once you have scheduled a food sensitivity test, you will have the opportunity to meet with a provider for a brief assessment and to provide a sample for the test at our office. This collected sample will then be sent to Yorktest for processing.

Upon completion, the test results will be sent directly to In Touch Counseling Services. This allows our dedicated functional nutrition provider to utilize the information obtained from the test in order to develop a personalized plan that effectively eliminates your symptoms and aligns with your overall health objectives, as discussed during our initial meeting.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the results, we will schedule a 30-minute follow-up appointment. During this session, you will gain valuable insights into the specific foods that are causing inflammation and the resulting physical and mental symptoms. Additionally, our nutrition provider will review the individualized plan that has been carefully crafted to help you achieve your desired goals.

Why choose In Touch Counseling™ & Wellness?

Our team is committed to providing you with the utmost professionalism and expertise throughout this process. We understand the importance of addressing your food sensitivities and are dedicated to helping you improve your overall well-being.