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Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling

In Touch Counseling™ & Wellness

Psychological Counseling & Wellness Center located in Vancouver, WA

Every couple goes through challenging seasons. Getting help during those tough times can make all of the difference. At In Touch Counseling & Wellness, Janelle Adams, MA, LMFT, ATR, and the caring marriage counseling/couples counseling staff come alongside you and your partner to help protect your marriage — and allow you to rediscover the joys of your partnership. If you’re interested in marriage counseling/couples counseling at the Vancouver, Washington, office, call or book your appointment online today.

Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling

What is marriage counseling/couples counseling?

Being “coupled” can bring both welcome benefits as well as overwhelming challenges. Life stresses and worries about children, finances, sexuality, career issues, health and other matters can frequently present additional distress. At times, it can be downright confusing to figure out where to start solving problems or to know which issues are yours versus your mates. 

Many couples choose marriage counseling/couples counseling when they face relationship challenges that feel insurmountable. It might feel like you and your partner are speaking a different language, or the wedge between you is too big to mend. When you can’t see a path forward together, the team at In Touch Counseling Services steps in to help. 

Marriage counseling/couples counseling isn’t just for people who are in a difficult period with their partner. Because it helps you and your partner communicate more clearly and better understand one another and yourselves, marriage counseling/couples counseling can help any couple build a stronger foundation. With that in place, the challenges that inevitably arise through the years are easier to weather. 

How does marriage counseling/couples counseling work?

During marriage counseling/couples counseling, you and your partner talk with your In Touch Counseling Services counselor. You discuss whatever feels right to both of you. Some of the topics many couples cover during marriage counseling/couples counseling include:

  • Finances
  • Children, parents, and other family members
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Health
  • Sexuality
  • Career paths

If a specific issue causes continual problems for you and your partner, your counselor creates a safe, neutral space where you can openly discuss it. As your counselor holds space, you both have the opportunity to hear and be heard. Your counselor facilitates clear, helpful communication between you and your partner, while giving you both tools to best cope with the specific problem at hand. 

Marriage counseling/couples counseling can also be effective when you can’t put your finger on any single issue, but instead know your relationship with your partner needs support. Your In Touch Counseling Services counselor helps to break down miscommunications and misconceptions between you two. They identify behavioral patterns and help you both understand them, allowing you to forge a path that doesn’t break down into fighting or fleeing. 

To get started with marriage counseling/couples counseling, call In Touch Counseling Services or make your appointment online today. 


****Please note: 

  • Insurance is not accepted for 80 minute Relationship Therapy appointments.
  • Insurance companies do not pay for traditional couples counseling where the relationships is the intended focus or client.