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Couples Conversations: Love Isn't Everything

One of the most famous songs by the band The Eagles was titled “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”  A lot of married couples would disagree with that, saying that love won't be able to pay the bills, nor will it feed hungry mouths.    But in terms of relationships, love is always in the center.  However, love is not the only thing that keeps couples together. 

How does one keep a relationship healthy and flourishing?

Borth partners should strive on maintaining these following qualities:

What compromises a strong relationship?

A  relationship starts to falter once it becomes unhealthy.  An unhealthy relationship is one that is described to be mean, disrespectful, hurtful, controlling, and overall, full of emotional abuse.  Most people who've grown up exposed to hurtful parents and domestic violence have a tendency to carry it over when it is their turn to get into a relationship.  Someone brought up with that kind of emotional abuse will most likely develop a thinking that the violence he saw growing up is normal in a relationship.

Relationships don't work out on its own, it needs work.   What may have started as a love-filled relationship is not guaranteed to end up love-filled like before.  Falling inlove is easy, it is staying in love that's hard.  Understanding you and your partner’s differences, embracing those little difference and working around those will make your relationship easier to handle. Keeping it healthy, will make you both flourish and grow not just as individuals, but as a couple as well.

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