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Nutrition Nugget: Nutritional Cleansing vs. Fad Diets

The United States is facing a major health crisis. We are sicker and more overweight than ever before, and this is a problem that cannot be ignored. Obesity is becoming more common in both adults and children, and it is now the leading cause of preventable illness in the country. Fad diets are often seen as a quick fix for weight loss, but they can be harmful to our long-term health. Instead, we should focus on achieving overall internal health through nutritional cleansing.

Fad diets are not a good solution for long-term health or weight management. They often lack important nutrients and can cause a yo-yo effect on our weight. This repeated stress of losing and gaining weight can be just as bad for our health as being overweight. Nutritional cleansing, on the other hand, is a long-term lifestyle approach to internal health that focuses on fueling the body with the right nutrients.

Fad diets are often nutrient deficient, focus only on weight loss, and do not enforce good eating habits. Nutritional cleansing, on the other hand, gives the body more nutrient-rich protein, carbs, essential fats, and minerals. It is a long-term lifestyle approach to internal health that focuses on weight management stability, balances brain chemistry to decrease cravings, and enforces great long-term nutritional habits.

Wellness involves a change in lifestyle. True, long-term weight management is feasible if you practice fueling the body with the right nutrients, staying hydrated, engage in daily physical activities and help the body cleanse accumulated impurities. The body needs internal balance and nutrient fuel to maintain normal glucose levels, and the brain requires high-grade nutrients for sustained mental work.

Cleansing and refueling the body is what we call the anti-fad diet approach to health and weight management. Cleansing the body at an internal level is a hot topic, and for good reason. We live in a very toxic world, and unless you live in a bubble, your body is continually suffering the detrimental effects of these dangerous, often deadly poisons. Nutritional cleansing can help by:

- Removing toxins from the body

- Providing complete nourishment for our cells and vital organs

- Increasing energy and supporting the immune system

- Enhancing metabolism and assisting with weight management

- Helping the body cleanse and strengthen internally

- Fueling our cells and aiding the digestive tract in optimum absorption of nutrients

A well-rounded nutritional program should provide balance and complete nourishment for our cells and vital organs. A balanced program should include amino acids to increase energy, support the immune system, and help mental focus. Meal replacement protein shakes should contain a balance of protein, essential fats, and carbohydrates to enhance metabolism and assist with weight management. Herbs and a complete range of vitamins can be used to help the body cleanse and strengthen internally. Trace ionic minerals are also important to fuel our cells and aid the digestive tract in optimum absorption of nutrients

Many options are available when introducing your body to a well-rounded safe nutrition program.  Nutritionists are an excellent source of information about cleansing and nutishing the body, not starving it.


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